The Astrology of Sex Education

by Altea

Astrology has been used for hundreds of years to learn more about everything from one’s own personality, relationship compatibility, predictions for the future, etc. Even topics such as politics and finance can be covered by astrology. The first thing to know about astrology is what the big three, or sun, moon, and rising, represent. The sun represents the identity, the ego, the individuality. The moon represents the emotions, the soul, the hidden self. The rising represents the personality, the social expression, the appearance. When someone is born, these planets are all in a different part of the sky, each in a sign. For example, if you were born while the sun was in the Taurus part of the sky, the moon was in the Aquarius part of the sky, and the horizon was in the Leo part of the sky, you would be a Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, and Leo rising.

As everyone, even TV show characters, has a personality, astrology applies to everyone. One of the major topics of astrology is sex and romance, despite the fact that sex is considered taboo in many cultures. In my own opinion, one of the best shows that goes into sex in such a direct, “no beating around the bush”-esque way is Sex Education, a British Netflix original starring Asa Butterfield. Sex Education features a teenage boy, Otis Milburn, whose mother’s choice of trade is sex and relationship therapy. Otis meets a girl named Maeve, living on her own after her parents abandoned her. The two of them team up to run a sex therapy business, giving sex advice to their fellow students for money. It’s quickly a success, but pretty soon their conflicting feelings for each other get in the way. 

One of my favorite things to do while watching TV is to consider what everyone’s big three could be, most likely a result of my astrology-obsessed brain. When doing this for Sex Education, I carefully considered all of the options and came up with this.

Otis Milburn

Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Pisces Rising

CREDIT: Sex Education Wiki

He tends to repress his emotions and orient himself towards his goals, which is why he has a Capricorn moon. These emotions end up coming out in an outburst when compromised, like at the party when he confronts Maeve in front of everyone. Capricorn is in its detriment in  the moon, opposing Cancer, which makes life very hard for him emotionally. Otis seems like he’s cold and aloof when it comes to emotions, causing Maeve to think that he doesn’t like her since he puts up defense mechanisms in front of her.

Lastly, his rising. Here’s the thing: Otis looks sad and dreamy. Since rising is affected by the appearance, I’d give him a Pisces rising. He comes off very dreamy and nervous, and while your rising isn’t a mask, more how you express yourself, he has a tendency to act very awkward and often goes off into his own head, hiding his knowledge and confidence about various subjects. He treats himself like the victim in all emotional scenarios, typically when it comes to Maeve and other romantic endeavors. 

Eric Effiong

Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising

CREDIT: Sex Education Wiki

Eric is sensitive and takes his emotions very seriously, which is why I think he’s a Cancer. When hurt, he’s able to probably process everything, is also very caring towards people he cares about, and is easily able to brighten people up. Cancers tend to get stuck on someone for a very long time, and Eric still has feelings for Adam while he’s romantically involved with Rahim. 

Eric is very proud of his self-expression, so I’d give him a Leo rising. When he dresses up to go see Hedwig with Otis for his birthday, he defies what his father advises, prioritizing pride over safety. When Otis doesn’t come, he’s extremely hurt and their friendship barely survives it, having trouble with rejection. His interests in makeup and his own self also can indicate to this placement, as well as the way he’s very bold and fierce about things he’s passionate about.

Maeve Wiley

Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising

CREDIT: Sex Education Wiki

Maeve acts like she has no feelings and is a rock, but inside she’s fiercely loyal, characteristics common of an Aries. She’s extremely strong-willed, refusing to back down from a fight, a stereotypical Aries in almost every way. Possibly the most iconic image of her is her flipping Otis off in class in the first episode. She’s almost too Aries to be an Aries.

Maeve’s undeniable Scorpio energy trickles over to her rising. With all of her big three traditionally ruled by Mars, she has an intensity about her, and that’s expressed through the way she dresses and her only two expressions: nonchalance and rage, again the classic middle finger image. She looks like she could eat your heart out in an instant, something typical of a Scorpio rising’s passion.

Aimee Gibbs

Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Sagittarius Rising

CREDIT: Sex Education Wiki

Her sweetness extends to her emotions, and as a Pisces moon, she’s extremely empathetic. Aimee has a way for sensing other people’s emotions, hence her telling the police that Maeve is in love with Otis, even as she continues to deny it. She tends to interpret things to what she’d like to see, dismissing her own assault as unimportant. She comes off as stupid, but she’s really just dreamy.

As a Sagittarius rising myself, I see a lot of myself in Aimee, which could be why I chose this for her, but I also think that appearance-wise, it fits. “Sagittarius rising teeth” can be common, and her teeth definitely stand out. She frequently moves from boyfriend to boyfriend and doesn’t act like she really cares about any of them, commitment issues unparalleled to any other sign.

Since we don’t know the real birthdays of (most) of these characters, we can’t accurately know their charts, and most media (an exception being Harry Potter) only uses birthdays for plot convenience and doesn’t research their characters astrologically. All of this is only speculation and intuition, but giving these characters astrological placements can possibly help those of us with those placements see aspects of those characters within ourselves, whether that be positive or negative. I would absolutely recommend further research into both topics astrology and Sex Education, both being, in my own opinion, rewarding uses of your time. 

Until next time,


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