by Altea

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – one of those movies. On the scale of how bad a Netflix teen romance original can be, it’s strikingly average. Not as bad as The Kissing Booth or After, but not as good as The Half of It. Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship doesn’t captivate me, it doesn’t interest me. The whole third movie felt completely unnecessary and drawn out; it could’ve honestly ended after the first one and the story arc would feel complete. Of course, Netflix would certainly have faced fan outrage should the other two books had not been included. The real draw of the trilogy is the cast of side characters; Kitty, Lara Jean’s younger sister, Chris, Lara Jean’s quirky best friend, and Gen – the classic best friend turned nemesis: who’s now villainized because of competition over a guy who is literally played by Noah Centineo. Honestly, I wasn’t really aware that there were people with strong opinions on the films, good or bad. Needless to say, I was surprised to discover that H&M would go so far as to release a Netflix-endorsed, clothing collection: To All The Boys x H&M.

You do have to hand it to Netflix – the visuals of these films were beautiful. Lara Jean’s bedroom looked like a fairytale paradise and her outfits exactly reflected her personality- bookish and shy, but with a strong personality. Throughout all three films, her style stood out to me. It was girly, modest, and just a little retro, with a lot of pastels, skirts, boots, and jackets. While it wasn’t something that I would personally see myself wearing, I definitely had an appreciation for it. Typically, when clothing stores do collections with movies and TV shows, it’s cartoons, like Barbie, the Powerpuff Girls, or Bratz, so it’s interesting to see how they’ll manage an actual live-action movie series.

The three most common themes I found in the collection; daisy print, pale yellow, and pale blue. It definitely reminded me of spring in the best way possible. I was pleased to find that the prices were reasonable, the most expensive clothing item being the Wide High Jeans, for $34.99, and the least expensive being the Batik-patterned T-shirt, for $5.99. I went through the entire collection and chose my five fave pieces that I recommend for your spring wardrobe, based on trendiness and Seattle weather. 

via H&M

My first pick is this blue daisy sweater. I love this color of pale blue in general, and so I love that it comes into play so well in this collection. It really makes me think of spring and clear skies. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers, and I think daisy print is honestly so underrated when it comes to black and white prints. I’d choose it over cow and zebra print any day of the week. But something that interests me about this piece is that I went back and looked at some of LJ’s outfits, and I can’t find a single clothing item with a daisy print, or one in this shade of light blue, which makes me wonder where they got these ideas from. I doubt if Lara Jean would even wear this, it doesn’t have the same vintage vibes that her other outfits do. This sweater could easily be paired with a pair of dark wash jeans and high-top sneakers for a cozy look, and is perfect for a chilly day as the sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds.

via H&M

Our second item is this pale yellow pleated skirt. I’ve always been a pleated skirt fan, and was thrilled when they came into style over the summer, and seem to be staying in style. I mostly see them in black, white, or plaid patterns, and occasionally pink, so it’s surprising to see one in a color like yellow. But yet again, I don’t think Miss Covey has literally ever worn a pleated skirt or this shade of yellow. Would she wear it? Honestly, the likelihood is probably higher than the aforementioned sweater, but it’s probably not the first thing she’d reach for. I’d pair this with a simple white tank top, possibly patterned, and a black cardigan. Honestly, this would be adorable with one of the black-and-white daisy print pieces we’ll see soon, it would really pull out the yellow tones. I might favor this one for a slightly warmer day, maybe keep it tucked away until the end of the school year. 

via H&M

Another yellow item of clothing, this denim dress. When I see denim dresses, I mostly see blue denim, so this offers an interesting contrast to the norm. Surprise, surprise, no sign of Lara Jean going within a mile of a denim dress. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. But just because LJ won’t wear it doesn’t mean we can’t, even though the collection is literally based on her movies. This dress would look nice with a pair of boots and either a plain white shirt underneath or a blue denim jacket over it. It’s perfect for summer, but something I might hold off on wearing until late April/early May if you’re feeling adventurous. Unless you’re me, who wore shorts last week and hasn’t owned a real winter jacket since eighth grade. 

via H&M

I could never bring myself to make this list a ranking, but if you held me at gunpoint, I’d put this black daisy shirt dress first. Words can’t describe the way I feel about it. I secretly adore the retro aesthetic, and this is no exception. The 70s is coming back this summer, and this could possibly fit into it. It’s almost making me want to develop a retro aesthetic. I’m not going to mention the fact that Lara Jean has never worn this because my adoration for it is clouding my ability to notice that. I went into this not expecting to buy anything, but this might be something I need to invest in. I’d pair it with a headband and Doc Martens, possibly a cardigan if it was chilly that day and I wanted to emulate my inner Rory Gilmore.

via H&M

“But Altea,” you protest, “this is the third yellow item, and it’s not even clothing, it’s an accessory.” But this is my article, and I can include what I want. I love this yellow backpack. I know backpacks are out, and baguette bags are in, but I can’t bring myself to not include this faux leather bag that is the only piece so far that actually appears in one of the movies, even though LJ’s is by Herschel. It’s too small to bring to school unless you have no books, but it’s a cute accessory for going out with friends. 

This collection genuinely surprised me. I’d hoped that it would live up to the actual outfits worn in the film a little better, at least including some pieces that are similar to what the main characters would wear, or even borrowing from the color palette. It’s definitely a cute spring collection and I would recommend any of these outfits to anyone, despite their opinions on the actual films themselves. The mixture of vintage and preppy is something unique to this collection, and I hope to see more film-based collections from H&M and other clothing brands in the future. 

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