S2:E1 Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

Before Sunday, January 9th, I never considered Euphoria one of my favorite shows. Not even close. It wasn’t until I actually started watching Season 2 that I realized just how much I’d missed it. I didn’t watch when it first came out, probably because I was fourteen and would’ve most likely been traumatized, but instead did a little over a year ago. Because I watched it all in a week, I wasn’t able to experience the hype of waiting to watch it once a week. So I couldn’t fully absorb it, as each episode wasn’t percolating in my brain for seven days. 

And as it percolated in my brain for the last few days since it came out, something that really stood out to me was the fashion. The style of each individual character has stayed much the same (as far as we can tell, they each only wore one outfit) but the vibe of how they all look together seems to be different somehow. 

As I thought deeply about each of these outfits, I was inspired to begin a series: a 10-part series, one for each episode, in which I discussed some of the outfits that stood out to me the most.

Faye: 10/10


Honestly, I don’t fully understand the Faye hype. I can obviously appreciate a good one-liner–”It’s fucking New Years?”— but overall, I just wanted her to go away. What I do understand, however, is this outfit choice. This outfit style reminds me marginally of Season 1 Jules mixed with Maddy. Like almost every other Southern California girl, she’s managed to master the Y2K look, but unlike every other Southern California girl, she actually does it well. She’s wearing a pleated denim skirt (a staple piece I’ve always held a deep admiration for) and a Sailor Moon halter top (you know I love a good halter top.) I think that the fact that she doesn’t know that it’s New Years says a lot about this outfit choice, implying that she dresses like this for every drug deal she attends. How she’s not freezing in December, I don’t know, but it’s not for us to wonder. This is definitely my favorite outfit of the first episode, combining a Y2K look with a piece that shows her personal interests.

Lexi: 3/10

Via HBO 

In some ways, my opinions on this outfit are the direct opposite to my opinions on Faye’s. Because I love Lexi, I really do, but this was just not it. She was horrifyingly underdressed for this party. For one, she was wearing pants. It’s not like Lexi’s style doesn’t include pants, she’s always wearing dresses and skirts. But in this episode, she was wearing some sort of red (velvet? leather?) pants, and a long-sleeved gold blouse with puffed sleeves and red detailing. It’s just not a party outfit, it’s really not. I cannot for the life of me imagine her dancing in this. Was she not hot? Considering how horrifyingly overdressed the cast are for literally going to school, this is just disappointing. I do love the hair and makeup, but I think it doesn’t work for the outfit. She’s just really looking like a squire here, and it’s not a good look for her. 

Maddy: 10/10


Popular belief seems to be that Maddy has the best outfits out of everyone in the show, but I just can’t find it in me to agree. Most of her outfits are really good, but some of them… However, I really appreciated this one. She’s wearing a black cutout dress, something much more appropriate for a New Years party, with matching gloves that go up to her upper arm. I have to say, these gloves definitely make the outfit. Without them, it would simply be your average party dress that can easily be mass-produced on Shien, but they add a bit of class that makes me more inclined to like the outfit. I also really appreciated her makeup, and noticed that they seem to be creating more simple makeup looks for the characters this season.

Cassie: 6/10


Cassie’s outfit this episode, like most of them, I’m sorry to say, was nothing short of just okay. I wasn’t visibly repulsed by it, but the show doesn’t tend to style her in anything that I find to be overwhelmingly cute. In true Cassie fashion, she’s wearing something blue – a bodycon ruched dress with straps and white heels. Honestly, I’m just a little disappointed. It’s boring. Unlike Maddy’s dress, it does look like something that you could get from Shien, and it’s depressing. It’s New Years Eve, can she not try to live a little? Maybe not wear something that ten other girls are probably wearing? If you’re going to make one of your characters do something extremely unhinged, can you make her at least dress the part? What girl wearing that is going to be hiding in a bathtub? Explain. 

While the range of cuteness of these outfits was rather large, I have high expectations for the fashion over the course of the rest of the season, and am excited to share my opinions over the span of future weeks!

See you next week,


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