S2 E2: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

If I see one more person saying that they found the new Euphoria episode boring I am going to go ballistic. It’s not their fault that the general population totally lacks any critical thinking skills and cannot seem to understand the concept of character development in television. Riverdale, you have ruined the next generation of content consumers, and I will never forgive you. 

This week’s episode of Euphoria was rampant with foreshadowing and continuation of the precedent set by the season premiere, and devoid of the shock factor that the rest of the episodes have previously contained. But there were some good moments: the return of Faye, that atrocious hallway scene, and Maddy’s homoerotic realizations. 

But back to the outfits.

Lexi: 10/10

via HBO

Lexi was really really disappointing me last episode, I can’t lie. I expected that we’d all be doomed for a season of boring little Lexi outfits (much like season 1, I said it.) But I was pleasantly surprised with this dress. It’s not pictured, but she’s wearing black loafers, and her hair is in a low bun at the nape of her neck. I’m obsessed with this outfit, it’s actually bad. I’ve had literal dreams about it. 

The actual dress is $1500, so I’m never going to be able to own it, but I can dream. The whole look is very classy, with the Peter Pan collar and pearl-adjacent buttons on the dress. I was kind of disappointed by Lexi’s looks last season, they really bored me, but I’m happy to see that she’s coming into her own style and looking good doing it. This outfit, and most of her looks this season, have a chokehold over me, that will not be relinquished any time soon.

Maddy: 9/10

via HBO

Maddy is honestly really growing on me this season – I felt like in Season 1 her personality was severely exaggerated, but I think that no longer being with Nate is helping her to behave more like a normal person and less like Regina George. I really love this outfit, I wish that we’d seen it for more than like 15 seconds.

I am a beret fan through and through. The shade of periwinkle/lavender looks really good on her, and I really wish she’d wear it more often. I love the glittery belt with the light-wash denim, light-wash goes really well with white in my opinion. The only issue I have with this outfit is the shirt. What is this whole safety pin thing, I don’t understand it. I feel like she got it from Shein and it fell apart as soon as she left the fertility clinic. I think the charms are cute, but would look even better on a bracelet or necklace.

Kat: 6/10

via HBO

I think that Kat’s style this season reflects her genuine personality a lot better than it did last season. In Season 1, her outfits featured really heavy red and black tones, and Season 2 has brought some greens and blues into it, balancing the color pallette a lot more. Her New Year’s dress was worn with green eyeshadow, and that balanced the black dress, making her seem calmer.

I think this outfit is cute, but it’s just okay. It looks like someone went a little wild in UNIF (is that a crystal necklace? Come on, guys.) The green cardigan matches with the skirt and the T-shirt really well, and the makeup brings out a lot of the color palette onto her face, making the look very put-together and collected. I also love the pigtails, why are we as a society not normalizing pigtails? Thank you Kat for inspiring the masses.

While this episode’s outfits took on a very different tone (everyday/school settings instead of a New Year’s party) there was still a variety of quality, and a variety of outfits as well. Each individual character on this show has a very different style, one that attempts to reflect their personality, and does a decent job, most of the time.

Next episode on Euphoria should feature a backstory for Cal (ew) but hopefully will include some vintage outfits to be heavily reviewed and criticized.

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