S2 E3: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

I am horrified. I am horrified. After finishing this week’s episode of Euphoria, I shut my computer and stared at the wall for a very long time. It was because (you guessed it) I was simple unable to handle the emotional tribulations that Jules and Elliot were putting me through. It’s horrifying. It’s sickening. It’s atrocious. I felt physically ill. But at least she looked cute! Welcome back to yet another installment of Euphoria Fashion Review, only at DDY on Sundays.

Cassie: 8/10

The parted bangs on Cassie honestly changed my life. They changed my view of her, of my own bangs, and deeply encouraged me to go blonde. Because look at them, they look SO GOOD. Cassie’s done a lot with her hair throughout the course of just two seasons, but this has to be my absolute favorite hairstyle of all time.

The outfit is what drags this look down from a 10/10. I hate light wash jeans, I just had to come out and say it. I think they’re the ugliest color of jeans and will die on that hill. These are high-waisted at least, but that only marginally improves them. The shirt has potential, maybe if it wasn’t such an atrocious pastel or didn’t have the ruffled trim, it could be cute. 

Rue: 5/10

While I did find this whole Lexi-alternate-universe-TV-show-montage thing a little bit out of place in regards to the rest of the episode, it was entertaining nonetheless. I really appreciated Rue’s outfit for this scene. It’s pretty different compared to her usual fashion choices, and not that I don’t like Rue’s typical style (I worship the ground she walks on) but I loved this whole vibe.

Rue wears sunglasses multiple times in this episode, and they give her an overall nonchalant, generally uninterested vibe whenever she wears them, which is perfect for the overarching themes of this scene. This sweater is something that I wouldn’t previously expect to see on Rue, but I actually really like it. It seems oddly reminiscent of something I’d see Lexi in, probably a nod to the fact that this entire scene is existing completely within Lexi’s imagination. My one issue with this outfit (and it is significant enough to knock it down 5 points) is that it bores me. It really does. This is something that I’d see someone actually wear, therefore not fitting the show in the slightest.

Maddy: 10/10

As usual, Maddy is slaying this week on Euphoria. While I can’t imagine this dress is something a real person would feasibly wear to school, that doesn’t stop me from acknowledging how cute it is. Maddy always has sharp eyeliner wings, that don’t necessarily seem humanly possible, but I think they work really well with the general themes of most of her outfits.

In this hallway scene, she’s wearing a blue floral-print dress, with a necklace with her own name on it. This scene isn’t about Maddy, it’s about Cassie’s horrific obsession with Nate Jacobs, but the fact that she’s still significantly more noticeable says a LOT about society. Another aspect of this outfit that I really appreciate are the nails. I’ve never really noticed a significant amount of attention brought to the nails in Euphoria, but these really caught my eye for some reason. I think that the metallic tones go very well with the dress. 

Kat: 9/10

We literally barely saw Kat at all this episode, but when she finally appeared, she did NOT disappoint. The sushi scene also featured a really good outfit, but this one was much more prominent to the plot. While Cassie’s imaginary mental breakdown in the bathroom may have been brought on by judgment from Maddy and Kat, she kind of deserved it, because they both looked REALLY good.

Kat’s wearing red lipstick, something that was very prominent for her character in the first season, but has somewhat grown out of use in the second. She’s wearing a green tank top, with a checkered/disco ball/spherical/heart print. Green has been worn a lot by Kat in this season, something which I think really fits her character’s new-ish personality after she’s calmed down a bit. While it’s not visible in this shot, she’s also wearing black trousers and Doc Martens. While I’m not really a huge fan of the shirt paired with the trousers (I think it would look better with a skirt) I think this outfit is one of the more unique ones from this episode.

I’m very excited to see what’ll be new on Euphoria tonight. Hopefully Elliot doesn’t do anything that will make me genuinely homicidal, but I know he definitely will. Maddy’s birthday is going to occur, hopefully giving me plenty of outfits to pass shameless judgment on. Happy watching tonight!

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