S2 E4: Euphoria Outfit Review

by Altea

I know I said that last week’s episode was horrifying, but this just took it to a whole new level. The sheer amount of Cal Jacobs representation made me want to scream and cry and throw my computer at the wall. I didn’t need to see a ten-minute monologue on how his children ruined his life, and I spent most of his driving scenes praying that he would hit Elliot’s car, and they would both be killed, leaving Rue and Jules to live happily ever after. But it was not to be. Maybe that screentime could’ve been better used to help Jules not horribly mess up and drive her own life into the ground. (Don’t worry, I am still the #1 Jules fan, even if she continues to do horrendous things to what has become a frequency that can only be described as religious.) #HateCheatersLoveJules

But character analysis aside, to the outfits!

Maddy: 10/10

I’m really enjoying the progression of Maddy’s outfits this season, especially this dress. I feel like she’s been enjoying more muted colors – specifically this dress and her New Years’ dress, which were both mainly black. This outfit is pretty simple, which is uncharacteristic of Maddy, who normally goes all out. I feel as if the changes in color and elaborateness in her outfits are representative of her gaining confidence in herself (no thanks to Nate.)

This outfit is a simple black dress with white trimming, with a classic Maddy ponytail/eyeliner combination, and gold hoops. This look is finished off by the necklace that Nate gives her. This is something slightly more toned down that her last party look, but is still classic and cute.

Jules: 3/10

Jules Jules Jules. My girl. My queen. Things are not looking good for you as of late, and this outfit isn’t looking good either. The only redeemable aspects of it are the hair and makeup. I think that space buns are a good look on her, since she always looks sort of ethereal and otherworldly, and would like to see more similar hairstyles on her short hair. She’s gone back to the double wing look, something I approve of.

But the outfit. If you know me at all, you know I am vehemently opposed to tie-dye. Even if it’s this style of tie-dye, I’m just really not a fan. I also don’t think that this shade of blue/other pastels really work on Jules, and the whole outfit is just not cute for her. Maybe if she was wearing a better outfit, she would’ve felt better that day and been able to resist temptation to cheat…Just a thought.

Cassie: 7/10

As much as I respect the sentiment behind this, and understand that any other swimsuit would not have the same effect that this did, I can still feel as if the color of her outfit was atrocious. You can’t tell me that this thing isn’t mildly sickening. Maybe that’s why she threw up in the hot tub, due to the color of what she was wearing.

The cutouts of this swimsuit seem oddly placed, and I think the color could have been marginally less saturated. I also feel as if the high waist of the bottom part has a more conservative look to it, while the top is much more risqué, which creates some inconsistency. 

Elliot: 8/10

I just want to make it clear that I think Elliot is a sick, sick man. I’m not sure what circle of hell he crawled out of to terrorize Rue and Jules, but I do know that someone needs to salt the halls of East Highland. However, this is a very good outfit. The sweater works well, I like the necklace, it just works well as a general package.

While this green and blue sweater does make him look a little bit like a tree, I like it. This is the first time I’ve reviewed one of his outfits, mostly because he activates my fight-or-flight response, but also because none of them have ever really stood out to me before. It’s kind of hard to make out the necklace, since it blends in with the darker shades of the sweater, but it seems to have some sort of crystals or rocks on it. I’m very intrigued. 

Thanks for reading, and as always, have a happy Euphoria day! (Personally, I’m hoping that Rue finds out what Elliot does, tracks him down, and kills him. Then maybe Jules will be so grateful he’s gone that she’ll forgive Rue and they’ll live happily ever after.)

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