S2 E5: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

The single underlying thought in my head as I watched this week’s episode of Euphoria was, “What am I supposed to for the Euphoria Outfit Review?” Here’s the thing: this episode was amazing, but the greatest fashion statement was probably the durability of Rue’s Converse. I feel as if this the fact that we’re even having this conversation at all is a true testament of my commitment to my craft, as I have gone through hell and back to deliver you this week’s article. 

Maddy: 9/10

I imagine that Maddy wouldn’t have chosen such a cute outfit if she’d known that it was going to be ruined by the memories of this evening, because I really do like this one.  Personally, I feel that Maddy looks really good with her hair down, and this outfit was no exception. 

Maddy’s wearing a blue mesh tank top-adjacent garment and black biker shorts. This would be a mildly strange outfit choice for something like school, but seems more appropriate for hanging out at Cassie’s house. (Or hanging Cassie.) She’s wearing her typical pointy eyeliner, with a simple necklace and some sort of black bra thing underneath. I think this outfit is very simple, and could very easily be elevated to be that much cuter.

Cassie: 4/10

I feel as if Cassie must have had some sort of deep knowledge when getting dressed that morning that something would go horribly wrong, and decided to dress accordingly, because this outfit is really not it. The thing is, I’m bored. Cassie’s outfits are typically pretty boring, but this is just sad. Come on Cassandra, I know you have it in you. You spend enough time with Maddy to know how to dress well.

Cassie’s wearing a pink hoodie and blue jeans. But the weird thing about this hoodie is the fact that it’s cropped but also cinches at the bottom, creating a very weird look, which doesn’t fit Cassie’s silhouette at all, and just makes her torso look very strange. The jeans are high-waisted, creating some sort of awkward overlap and confusion as to where exactly her waist is supposed to be. 

Suze: 8/10

I feel like nobody is really talking about how hard Suze slayed this week. We see her descending the stairs in a jade velour tracksuit and some gold jewelry. Y2K queen. Suze has always been one of the most underrated characters on the show, in my opinion, even though she’s a raging alcoholic under the guise of being a “wine mom.”

I’m not going to lie, I do have some issues with her defense of Cassie while Maddy was yelling at her, but maybe it’s just the maternal instinct, who knows?

Lexi: 8/10

Lexi may have been granted an upwards of forty-five seconds of screentime in this episode, but she still managed to pull off this look. I’ve seen many people referring to this as “twee” which makes me feel a little bit sick, but I guess it’s close enough to the truth. Nobody could describe her outfits up to this point as twee, but this enters a slightly concerning gray area. 

From her place on this armchair, we were able to tell that she was wearing a black sweater with a Peter Pan collar and an embroidered “L,” adding a touch of personalization to her style. She’s wearing a plaid skirt and possibly white tights – or maybe she’s just concerningly pale despite living in Southern California. 

I am so distressed for the entire cast of Euphoria, and cannot wait to see things unfold in tonight’s episode. Despite hoping that everything turns out okay, my main wish is that the costume designers will give me more to work with when writing next week’s article (the penultimate one!)

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