S2 E7: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

The penultimate episode of Euphoria’s second season has arrived, along with what we’ve all been waiting for: Lexi’s play. The end of this season is drawing to a close, and I have significantly mixed feelings about what Mr. Levinson has done to the characters. But that’s a discussion for another time, I’m just here today to talk about what they’re wearing, so let’s have a look.

Lexi: 8/10

We’re starting off this week’s article with the star of this week’s episode: Miss Lexi. I really love Lexi’s style, I think it’s received much more attention and flair this season, and I appreciate the development of her character. My only issue with this outfit is that it just feels way too flashy to wear to your best friend’s dad’s funeral…I know you have more tact than this, Lexi.

She’s wearing a black velvet dress with puffy sleeves and black Mary Janes. In theory, it’s perfect for a funeral, but is this really the time to draw attention to your shoulders? Let’s think about this one for more than like thirty seconds and see how we feel. 

Cassie: 7/10

I don’t have the word count for this article to fully delve into how unhinged Cassie has become in this episode, and what this whole outfit represents in terms of what Nate really wants from her, so I’m just going to ignore the implications of this look and look at it as if I had no idea what was happening in her mind at this moment.

Cassie wore a blue matching set, with a puffy-sleeved top and skirt. Something about it seems so off, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. It might have something to do with the orange eyeliner clashing with the blue eyeshadow, or maybe it’s just the deeply unsettling feeling I get whenever I look at her.

Maddy: 9/10

Maddy looks GOOD without the toxic presences of Cassie and Nate, and she ate up Lexi’s play with Kat and BB. I mean, she always looks good, but there’s something about the post-confrontation glow that works for her.

To the play, Maddy wore a green long-sleeved shirt and green eyeshadow, with her hair down. I love this outfit, but it does seem a bit boring. I would consider a play where you’re seeing your former ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend get absolutely wrecked to be a perfect opportunity to slay, but maybe that’s just me. 

Faye: 10/10

The blondes in this show are really being little sneaks this season (even you Jules, I’m sorry, I still love you so please don’t hate me for this) and Faye is no exception. But as I said in the last article, I can look past the most evil, horrible, atrocious, lying deeds if the person doing said deeds is wearing the right piece of loungewear.

Faye’s wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink T-shirt with some sort of creature on it (I did extensive research to try to figure out what this could possibly be from, but I can’t. I thought it was a Pokémon, but the design was made by an artist on Instagram and sold by Unif, so I don’t even know, maybe it’s not from anything.) If I could take anyone’s wardrobe on this show, I would probably take hers, just due to the sheer amount of baby tees that she owns. Excellent work Faye, now stop being a rat and we can be BFFs.
I’m so excited to be absolutely beside myself with grief this Sunday at the fact that the season is ending, even though I am a little bit relieved, it was getting to be way too stressful for me. The Euphoria brainrot I’ve been experiencing as of late absolutely cannot be healthy for my weak mind.

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