S2 E8: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO

by Altea

I had a lot of openings for this article envisioned in my mind, but I don’t think any of them can do the season finale of Euphoria justice, so I’ll just cut to the chase. I wasn’t happy with the ending. I felt mildly underwhelmed, as if none of the plot lines wrapped themselves up properly, and I was thoroughly dissatisfied by the end of it. That being said, I did think it was a well-done episode, it just didn’t feel like a proper finale to me. 

But some parts of were mildly distressing, such as the obvious (Ashtray’s death) and then the sickening Rue and Jules moment at the end (I legitimately saw it flash through my mind every time I closed my eyes for the next several days, it had such a chokehold on me.) Since the outfits for this episode are mostly the same as the last episode’s, I’ve chosen to do something different for the final article. 

Audience Rue: 7/10

I loved Rue in the finale, I have never seen a better Rue performance in my entire life. You, as my faithful and weekly readers, may be aware that I am of the opinion that Rue Bennett is the best character to ever grace the screen of modern television. While I love Rue in all her looks (Detective Rue, Winter Formal Rue, Pilot Rue, 2×03 Rue) Finale Rue now holds a special place in my heart.

In the finale, Rue is wearing a black graphic T-shirt and a flannel with jeans, a boring-ish outfit to wear to a very not boring play. This outfit is relatively uninteresting, but I feel as if it would be a betrayal to myself and all that I hold dear to give it a bad score, as she just looks so cute

Elliot Rue: 9/10

The lighting in this scene was really bad, so it’s hard to make out what Rue was wearing, but I feel I should give this Rue extra points purely for having to sit through the song. I was too afraid I would miss something wildly important so I sat through the entire thing, wishing I had chosen a different path for my life. She’s a stronger woman than I am for still wanting to be friends with Elliot after that.

While being confronted with that performance, Rue wore a green (?) or maybe yellow (?) sweater over a yellow T-shirt, with her hair pulled up halfway. Throughout the episodes where she’s been sober, her style has changed somewhat, reflecting a different silhouette. 

Lexi Rue: 10/10

The scene where Rue goes to visit Lexi after the play was emotionally turbulent for me to say the least (read: I cried a lot.) This scene provided a lot of the closure and semblance of the past connection that they used to have, and it was orchestrated in a very bittersweet way.

To Lexi’s house, Rue pulled off a shockingly good pattern-on-pattern ensemble, with a red button up and green (?) or possibly yellow (?) pants. (These pants could very easily just be black and the coloring of the show is just confusing me, I have no idea to be perfectly honest.) 

This season of Euphoria was lacking in some aspects, and rewarding in others, and while I do have criticisms about the way it completed itself, I did enjoy the season. I also really enjoyed writing these articles every week, but it’s now time we say our final goodbyes. Best of luck for now!

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