Jackie Burkhart’s 2022 Aesthetic

by Altea

Jackie Burkhart is arguably the most beloved and iconic character of That 70s Show. As one of the only main female characters, Jackie is well-known for her clothing choices and personality reminiscent of other “queen bee” archetypal characters of the movies and shows of the 2000s and beyond. While Jackie was initially introduced into the show as Kelso’s girlfriend, she quickly became a largely popular character in her own right. 

One of the major reasons for her widespread fanbase is her uniquely creative outfits and signature style. Even though the fashion in the show is period-accurate to the 1970s, Jackie is able to curate her own unique aesthetic that has become synonymous with her character and role in the show. 

Even while Jackie’s style of dress is so individual to her as a person and as a character, it’s still heavily influenced by the style of the time (turtlenecks, plaid and paisley prints, scarves, etc.) With this in mind, her fashion would most likely be significantly different if she were still a teenager in 2022.

With the rise of the Y2K aesthetic in recent years, Jackie would most likely adopt this style in 2022. Her personal twists off of the 70s aesthetic involve girly clothes, lots of accessories, and bright colors, to create a more glamorous look than one characters such as Donna might adopt. 

Let’s take a look at several of Jackie’s most Y2k-esque looks from the show.

Look #1

This look is less feminine or accesorized than some of her other outfits, but what really drew me to it was the white denim jacket. It’s unclear in this photo if it’s strawberry print or if those are flowers, but regardless, I really feel as if this piece could easily be worn by someone in 2022 trying to imitate someone in 2004 as well as someone in 1976. This style of denim jackets in colors other than blue were definitely around for the 2000s, and has returned with the resurgence of Y2K. Floral or fruit prints have also returned in recent years, and this sort of thing could easily be worn by a modern day fifteen-year-old girl.

Look #2

I don’t even think I need to explain this one, but I will. Everything from the rainbow baby tee and pastel colors to the bubblegum pink trousers and matching hair clips just screams Y2K. This is the most Y2K you can get without low-rise jeans and layers. The bright color scheme alludes to Pinterest boards curated by teenage girls who idolize celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and the hair clips are a familiar call to the soft girl era of the late 2010s.

Look #3

While hair scarves were extremely popular in the 1970s as well, they made a welcome comeback at the turn of the century, which occurred yet again around early 2020. But the main reason why I selected this outfit as a Y2K homage is the baby tee. While “I am SO A Virgin!” relates to the storyline of this episode (she’s not just wearing that to wear it) it still heavily reminds me of the over-priced Depop tees with sassy sayings that are so coveted by the Y2K girlies of our generation. 

While a good portion of the Y2K aesthetic is made up of recycled 70s trends such as hair scarves, baby tees, colorful patterns, and flares, Jackie’s fashionista personality and penchant for a girlier aesthetic makes her the poster girl for modern Y2K fashion.

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