Most “Nostalgic” Pieces

via The Tab by Altea and Shreya Many atrocious things have occurred in the long and distressing history of fashion, but there are certain pieces of clothing that maintained a chokehold on the general population that can only be described as nearing cult-like. These examples have since become synonymous with certain periods of modern society,Continue reading “Most “Nostalgic” Pieces”

Collective Nostalgia

via Buzzfeed by Altea Nostalgia can occur on an individual scale, but isn’t the most powerful nostalgia that of a collective experience? The popularization of trends, either on the Internet or through fashion, has definitely allowed us to experience collective nostalgia, but what about the individual events that have transformed everyone’s worldview? COVID-19 COVID-19 hasContinue reading “Collective Nostalgia”

Grammys 2022: A Sordid Review

Grammy Nominees via AP by Altea Overall, I was wildly disappointed with this year’s Grammys. Typically, there’s at least enough entertainment value to get me through the boring parts, but I experienced an overwhelming urge to turn off the TV the minute that Trevor Noah made an Encanto reference during a candid conversation with BrunoContinue reading “Grammys 2022: A Sordid Review”

S2 E7: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO by Altea The penultimate episode of Euphoria’s second season has arrived, along with what we’ve all been waiting for: Lexi’s play. The end of this season is drawing to a close, and I have significantly mixed feelings about what Mr. Levinson has done to the characters. But that’s a discussion for another time,Continue reading “S2 E7: Euphoria Outfit Review”

Euphoria Outfits: Season 2, Episode 6

by Altea I would like to open this by issuing a thank you to the costume designers of Euphoria for taking the time to take me and this article into consideration when dressing the cast this week. While I was somewhat disappointed by the plot content of this episode, I found that the outfits leftContinue reading “Euphoria Outfits: Season 2, Episode 6”

S2 E5: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO by Altea The single underlying thought in my head as I watched this week’s episode of Euphoria was, “What am I supposed to for the Euphoria Outfit Review?” Here’s the thing: this episode was amazing, but the greatest fashion statement was probably the durability of Rue’s Converse. I feel as if this theContinue reading “S2 E5: Euphoria Outfit Review”

The Fashion Legacy of 2021

via diazzee by Shreya Hello girlies! The first month of 2022 has already come to a close, and fashion is still in its nascent stage, as such there is much remaining influence from 2021, a hallmark year of fashion in many forms. However, early 2022 trends have started to emerge and most of them areContinue reading “The Fashion Legacy of 2021”