The Idealization of High School Relationships

The quintessential high school relationship. We’ve seen it many times starting in youth, first likely in TV shows showing the ever ‘realistic high school experience’. But it’s a special irony that the shows geared towards pre-tweens show the most realistic and healthy high school relationships, especially when compared to those targeted to a population thatContinue reading “The Idealization of High School Relationships”

P&P: The Perfect Romance

via Pride and Prejudice by Stella Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a classic. The story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy has captivated hearts across generations. I myself, part of Gen Z, was introduced to the book by my grandma who is part of The Silent Generation. Its movie and show adaptations are alsoContinue reading “P&P: The Perfect Romance”

So, What Exactly is Hyperpop?

via Zoe Axelrod Over the years, pop music has become synonymous with popular music. While mainstream pop has gone through many iterations, from the futuristic and glamorous pop of the 2000s to the more electronic pop of the mid and late 2010s, there is no doubt of the genre’s staying power. But,  every action hasContinue reading “So, What Exactly is Hyperpop?”

Demi’s Devilish Tale

via YouTube CW: Mentions of eating disorders, sexual assault, rape, addiction and an overdose. Demi Lovato has had quite the life, to say the least. She grew up under the spotlight; starring in Barney and Friends as a young child, then emerging at the forefront of the Golden Age of Disney Channel as a teenager,Continue reading “Demi’s Devilish Tale”

Alternatives to Jeans

via Top Trends Guide by Altea & Shreya Hello budding fashionistas, after a brief (but excruciatingly painful) hiatus from writing together, it’s our pleasure to announce that we’re back. During this hiatus, the direction of the fashion world has changed considerably, as summer trends are beginning to emerge. Let’s face it, friends, everyone and theirContinue reading “Alternatives to Jeans”

The Inner Workings of the Patriarchy

via Redilon on DeviantArt TikTok is filled with prank videos consisting of heterosexual relationships, in which the woman somehow “defies” the man, or otherwise implies that he doesn’t control/own her. One of my favorite disgusting examples of this is the hand on the thigh prank. A couple is in the car, and the man hasContinue reading “The Inner Workings of the Patriarchy”

The Defeminization of Black Women

TW: Mention of rape, mention of someone being shot The year was 2004. Janet Jackson was set to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show to drum up buzz for her upcoming album. Justin Timberlake was riding the high of his debut album, Justified, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200. AContinue reading “The Defeminization of Black Women”

Princess Margaret as a Feminist Icon

SOURCE: Alex Bailey via Netflix Disclaimer: Spoilers for Season 2 of The Crown below. Season Two of the much beloved show The Crown has earned a reputation for being one of the least-loved and well-received seasons of the show. While the historical accuracy and storylines of british politics are certainly less prominent than in theContinue reading “Princess Margaret as a Feminist Icon”

David Dobrik SA Scandal

by Sally TW: Sexual assault, rape Amidst all of the gloom and doom of infamous YouTubers past, a few select YouTubers have been awarded the title unproblematic fave. The unproblematic fave is someone who doesn’t make a fool of themselves to stay relevant; someone who tends to stay out of drama. Think Jenna Marbles (pre-self-cancellation),Continue reading “David Dobrik SA Scandal”