S2 E2: Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO by Altea If I see one more person saying that they found the new Euphoria episode boring I am going to go ballistic. It’s not their fault that the general population totally lacks any critical thinking skills and cannot seem to understand the concept of character development in television. Riverdale, you have ruinedContinue reading “S2 E2: Euphoria Outfit Review”

S2:E1 Euphoria Outfit Review

via HBO Before Sunday, January 9th, I never considered Euphoria one of my favorite shows. Not even close. It wasn’t until I actually started watching Season 2 that I realized just how much I’d missed it. I didn’t watch when it first came out, probably because I was fourteen and would’ve most likely been traumatized,Continue reading “S2:E1 Euphoria Outfit Review”

2022 Trend Predictions

via Buzzfeed by Altea Hello faithful readers of Dear Dennyesler. In recent months, fashion has taken a (in my opinion) slight downturn, and has entered precariously tepid conditions. Not a single odious fast fashion piece has captured the hearts of the mass population, and nobody has tried to romanticize something that definitely should not beContinue reading “2022 Trend Predictions”

My Experience with Internalized Misogyny

Definitions for some of the terms used:  Sexism is discrimination and/or predjuduce based on sex or gender. It generally affects women, girls, and non-women and nonbinary individuals who present in a stereotypically feminine way.  Misogyny is the dislike or hatred of, or ingrained prejudice against women, feminine presenting people, and other misogyny affected individuals. InternalizedContinue reading “My Experience with Internalized Misogyny”

How To Do the Unlikable Protagonist Properly (ft. Fallon Carrington)

via Tumblr by Shreya In this era of questionable Netflix content (see Emily in Paris, The Kissing Booth), it is quite common to come across a protagonist that is completely unlikable. And unfortunately, whatever TV universe they might belong to is probably incredibly popular and addicting. Take Emily in Paris for example, a show whichContinue reading “How To Do the Unlikable Protagonist Properly (ft. Fallon Carrington)”

Revolution Girl Style: Tales of Riot Grrrls Past (and Present)

via Music Teacher’s Helper The late 80s and 90s saw a new wave of punk and hard rock artists take over the alternative – and mainstream – scene. While these musicians represented a change in the overall sound, lyricism and style of punk rock, the scene was still as male-dominated as ever. Women in theContinue reading “Revolution Girl Style: Tales of Riot Grrrls Past (and Present)”

I Watched He’s All That and I Have Thoughts

source: Netflix by Shreya Everyone is probably aware that the mass fame of tiktokers (the D’Amelio sisters), has begun to bleed over into other mediums. Just recently, the two sisters announced a docuseries on their lives, The D’Amelio Show, airing on Hulu. And perhaps the latest example, and the most surprising: the Netflix spinoff ofContinue reading “I Watched He’s All That and I Have Thoughts”