Cinderella Moments In TV

CREDIT: Jonathan Olley – Disney by Shreya and Altea Cinderella – an ordinary girl turned beautiful to entrap her Prince Charming, which will go on to permanently alter the course of her life. In modern media, a female character sometimes has a “Cinderella like” makeover usually for a main event in the plot, recreating thisContinue reading “Cinderella Moments In TV”

Freud in Gossip Girl

by Shreya and Altea Psychological Complexes. Defined as “a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes centered around a particular theme”, some say that everyone has one. However, how can a few “cookie-cutter” complexes encompass the psychology of 7 billion humans? Well to show the application of what certain complexes might look in realContinue reading “Freud in Gossip Girl”

Understanding Perfume Notes

by Shreya In this pandemic controlled world, it is safe to say that our beauty regimens have certainly changed. One of the forgotten aspects of everyone’s beauty routines has certainly been perfume. Since most of us are spending our days on Zoom from the comfort of our houses, it seems like perfume has simply lostContinue reading “Understanding Perfume Notes”

The Astrology of Sex Education

by Altea Astrology has been used for hundreds of years to learn more about everything from one’s own personality, relationship compatibility, predictions for the future, etc. Even topics such as politics and finance can be covered by astrology. The first thing to know about astrology is what the big three, or sun, moon, and rising,Continue reading “The Astrology of Sex Education”

Album Review: ‘evermore’ by Taylor Swift

CREDIT: Wikipedia by Sally On July 23rd, 2020, Taylor Alison Swift woke up and had to make a choice. And she chose chaos. She took to Instagram, of all places, to announce her eighth studio album, folklore. And the music world and pop culture world responded as anyone would, going into an absolute frenzy. AfterContinue reading “Album Review: ‘evermore’ by Taylor Swift”