• 2022 Trend Predictions
    via Buzzfeed by Altea Hello faithful readers of Dear Dennyesler. In recent months, fashion has taken a (in my opinion) slight downturn, and has entered precariously tepid conditions. Not a single odious fast fashion piece has captured the hearts of the mass population, and nobody has tried to romanticize something that definitely should not beContinue reading “2022 Trend Predictions”
  • Killing The Microtrend Monster
    source: chaukareaul, lisa says gah, reformation, adobe by Altea The microtrend monster – the modern fashion scourge. As addicting as it is harmful, it has half the fashion conscious world aggressively buying up certain pieces of clothing, only for them to be scrapped entirely within a few months. Traditionally, popular pieces go in and outContinue reading “Killing The Microtrend Monster”
  • Alternatives to Jeans
    via Top Trends Guide by Altea & Shreya Hello budding fashionistas, after a brief (but excruciatingly painful) hiatus from writing together, it’s our pleasure to announce that we’re back. During this hiatus, the direction of the fashion world has changed considerably, as summer trends are beginning to emerge. Let’s face it, friends, everyone and theirContinue reading “Alternatives to Jeans”
    by Altea To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – one of those movies. On the scale of how bad a Netflix teen romance original can be, it’s strikingly average. Not as bad as The Kissing Booth or After, but not as good as The Half of It. Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship doesn’t captivateContinue reading “TATBILB x H&M”
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