The Return of Tumblr

by Shreya At Tumblr’s peak, I was not old enough to fully understand and appreciate the cultural impact it had, and therefore cannot experience the comeback of the website and its’ individual subculures. Reaching its peak during the mid-2010s, everyone who is anyone knows what tumblr is and who the clientele were. Winged eyeliner, dirtyContinue reading “The Return of Tumblr”

The Idealization of High School Relationships

by Shreya The quintessential high school relationship. We’ve seen it many times starting in youth, first likely in TV shows showing the ever ‘realistic high school experience’. But it’s a special irony that the shows geared towards pre-tweens show the most realistic and healthy high school relationships, especially when compared to those targeted to aContinue reading “The Idealization of High School Relationships”