The Idolization of Jess Mariano

Warner Bros by Altea Fairly early on in the second season of Gilmore Girls, Jess Mariano is introduced to the viewers as the delinquent nephew of Luke Danes, and kickstarting a borderline obsessive fan base of teenage girls who have stronger opinions on Rory Gilmore’s best boyfriend than foreign policy. But what exactly makes JessContinue reading “The Idolization of Jess Mariano”

Jackie & The Gang

by Altea Out of all the characters of That ‘70s Show, Jackie has had the most relationships with members of the core six characters, having dated everyone but Eric and Donna. And with good reason too, as Jackie is arguably the most beautiful, charismatic, funny, and interesting character that has ever set foot within theContinue reading “Jackie & The Gang”

The 108 Year Old Boyfriend

via Summit Entertainment by Shreya The absurdly overpriced collectors merchandise that frequents a rather special sector of Depop ($35 dollars for a black tee that says “twilight” in the franchise font on the front) is just one of the many indicators of the chokehold that the Twilight franchise continues to hold on society. As aContinue reading “The 108 Year Old Boyfriend”

The Love Triangle Industrial Complex

Teen-fiction rom-coms are rife with every romantic movie trope you could possibly think of. Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fake dating (one of my personal favorites) – you name it; it’s been done. But no trope has been used for all it is worth quite like the love triangle trope. It seems like amidstContinue reading “The Love Triangle Industrial Complex”

Popular Relationship Tropes

by Altea Media is peppered with various romance tropes: second chance, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, love triangle, fake dating, soulmates, etc. These tropes usually appeal to a wide audience, tugging at pretty much everyone’s heartstrings. But what’s most interesting about them is that they can be applied to so many different characters, settings,Continue reading “Popular Relationship Tropes”

The Idealization of High School Relationships

by Shreya The quintessential high school relationship. We’ve seen it many times starting in youth, first likely in TV shows showing the ever ‘realistic high school experience’. But it’s a special irony that the shows geared towards pre-tweens show the most realistic and healthy high school relationships, especially when compared to those targeted to aContinue reading “The Idealization of High School Relationships”