Forever 21 x Barbie: A Review

via Forever 21 by Stella In 1959, when the first Barbie doll came out, she was created to imitate the fashion of the period. Nowadays Barbie represents her own type of fashion. The doll and wider company represent a feminine dream, with all different silhouettes in every shade of pink. In my mind I pictureContinue reading “Forever 21 x Barbie: A Review”

The Fashion Legacy of 2021

via diazzee by Shreya Hello girlies! The first month of 2022 has already come to a close, and fashion is still in its nascent stage, as such there is much remaining influence from 2021, a hallmark year of fashion in many forms. However, early 2022 trends have started to emerge and most of them areContinue reading “The Fashion Legacy of 2021”

Alternatives to Jeans

via Top Trends Guide by Altea & Shreya Hello budding fashionistas, after a brief (but excruciatingly painful) hiatus from writing together, it’s our pleasure to announce that we’re back. During this hiatus, the direction of the fashion world has changed considerably, as summer trends are beginning to emerge. Let’s face it, friends, everyone and theirContinue reading “Alternatives to Jeans”

Understanding Perfume Notes

by Shreya In this pandemic controlled world, it is safe to say that our beauty regimens have certainly changed. One of the forgotten aspects of everyone’s beauty routines has certainly been perfume. Since most of us are spending our days on Zoom from the comfort of our houses, it seems like perfume has simply lostContinue reading “Understanding Perfume Notes”