Cinderella Moments In TV

CREDIT: Jonathan Olley – Disney Cinderella – an ordinary girl turned beautiful to entrap her Prince Charming, which will go on to permanently alter the course of her life. In modern media, a female character sometimes has a “Cinderella like” makeover usually for a main event in the plot, recreating this fairytale. While to someContinue reading “Cinderella Moments In TV”

Freud in Gossip Girl

Psychological Complexes. Defined as “a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes centered around a particular theme”, some say that everyone has one. However, how can a few “cookie-cutter” complexes encompass the psychology of 7 billion humans? Well to show the application of what certain complexes might look in real life, we set outContinue reading “Freud in Gossip Girl”