The Idealization of High School Relationships

The quintessential high school relationship. We’ve seen it many times starting in youth, first likely in TV shows showing the ever ‘realistic high school experience’. But it’s a special irony that the shows geared towards pre-tweens show the most realistic and healthy high school relationships, especially when compared to those targeted to a population thatContinue reading “The Idealization of High School Relationships”

Outfit Review: Meghan’s Oprah Interview

SOURCE: CBS In 2021 and 1995, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex delivered tell-all interviews in which their powerful and tragic revelations stunned the world. Although their circumstances and tales differ greatly, the world is starting to notice the apparent parallels between the two women. The intense mental-health issues, onslaught and unrelentingContinue reading “Outfit Review: Meghan’s Oprah Interview”